How To Play

Latino Card Revoked 
requires a minimum of three people to play and a maximum of six. For larger groups, select teams and give a set of multiple choice cards to each.

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How To Play 
  • Distribute the response cards to all players. Everyone should have four answer cards marked A,B,C,D in their hand.
  • Each participant should take a turn hosting and reading the question game cards (Majority Rules & Correct Answer).
  • The game host should read the cards out loud, first announcing if the card is correct answer or majority wins.
  • After reading the question, participants have 6-10 seconds to answer.
  • After 6-10 seconds, the game host will give directions to flip their cards revealing their answer choices.


Who Won?

  1. 'Correct Answer' cards
    1. Have a checkbox
    2. The correct answer is highlighted in black
  2. 'Majority Wins' cards are determined by:
    1. Have a lightning bolt
    2. The answer is selected by the majority of players. If four players are playing, and three put down the 'A' card then 'A' wins)
    3. If there is a tie, the person reading the question makes the call on which answer wins.