About Us

Latino Card Revoked is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud trivia game about Latino culture written by comedians, Glorelys Mora and Tori Pool. Whether you identify as Latino, Latina or Latinx - if you can't answer these questions, you might just need your Latino card revoked

Our contributing writers are Jesenia and Maria Mora

In memory of Dolores Arce.


How do you play the game?
It's really easy! You can find written instructions and game rules on cards in each game.
You'll also find instructions here on our site.

Can I play with just two people?
Don't have any friends, huh? Just playin'. We recommend playing with at least three or more but if you decide to play with two you'll want to play with the correct answer cards only. It's hard to ask your dog to break ties if you and your only friend disagree on a majority rules card like "What's most liable to get you cussed out at the carne asada?"

Are you affiliated with Cards For All People?
Yes, check out our sister site to buy more cool card games for
diverse and inclusive communities.

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