The Best Mother's Day Vacation Spots for Black Moms

Is your mom's idea of going on vacation a trip to the casino or the few times that she goes back home for the family reunion? Here's a couple of affordable vacation spots that you can take the kids and Big Mama too.

Las Vegas, Nevada



If you travel midweek Las Vegas is super affordable.  Take momma to see Purple Reign at Tropicana for a trip down memory lane with the Purple One.  Don’t forget to give her your extra time and your…..KISS!

Jacksonville, FL 


Take a trip to American Beach on Amelia Island to see the first oceanfront playground for Florida's first black millionaire.  It became the place to be for  African Americans before desegregation. Visit the La Villa neighborhood dubbed the "Harlem of the South" back in the day and Norman Film studios, one of the first studios that made movies for black audiences starring black actors that avoided the stereotypes of the silent film era. 

Phoenix, AZ 


Not only are there casinos within driving distance, surprise momma with a location visit from her favorite back in the day movie Waiting to Exhale. Remember the opening scene in “Waiting to Exhale,” when Whitney Houston’s character, Savannah Jackson, rang in New Year’s Eve, take momma on a quick trip to the place it was filmed, the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley.  

Memphis, TN

Some of the best cheese grits we've ever had in life came courtesy of Memphis.  Whether momma wants to revisit civil rights history at the Lorraine Hotel or just eat and chill with some bbq and the blues, Memphis won’t break your pockets.

New Orleans, LA 

As long as you get there before Essence Festive, Jazz festival, football bowl games, your pockets won't hurt too much.  Take momma to our favorite restaurant Drago’s for their chargrilled oysters. The sauce will have you sopping and licking anything near your plate. Pay attention to hurricane season as they can get the best of folks tripped up; liquor and land.