Five Things To Get A Bougie Black Mom

By Late Will

If your mom is more Clair Huxtable than Cookie Lyons take heed to our advice to make sure the both of you have a stress-free Mother’s Day. Here are a number of products that we think Mom will definitely love.

Mother of the Year T-shirt


So fresh.  So clean. Award worthy. Remind her of her greatness and the days when her Calvin Klein jeans fit tight and she partied all night (hopefully with your daddy) at the same damn time.

Sabon Lavender Apple Body Lotion


This thing right here!  One of the best lotions ever.  Leaves your skin silky smooth. Make you want to touch yourself the way a lover would, matter of fact, you will touch yourself the way a lover would.

Fresh Soy Cleanser  


With spring acting like we owe her money, this facial cleanser will instantly give a fresh glow.  The glow comes from the proteins they got mixed in there. Takes off all that eye makeup without drying your skin out.  This will keep momma looking refreshed.  

Gucci Slip In Loafers 

If your goal is to keep her fine a** in Gucci and gold (name that black movie, ha) you can’t get any better.  These Gucci loafers are cute, comfy and a reminder that momma still stuntin on em.

Celebrity Momma Tote 


Simple. Cute.  Big enough to carry a book, a wallet, a bottle of water.  Hell, a small bag of grocery can fit in here too. A reminder to the world that black mommas ain't to be messed with, their DNA is mixed with a little righteous and a little ratchet.