Five Easy Meals Momma Will Approve

Doesn’t matter if you never learned great grandma’s recipes these simple ideas will make momma think you know more than you do.  It will pass her judgment face and leave her licking her plate.  Your working mom will appreciate it.


Blueberry Pancakes

This is one of our favorite pancake recipes! Save some time and skip making the pancake batter from scratch, instead get the Aunt Jemima Complete Mix, dump in some blueberries, vanilla flavoring, butter and lemon zest. Whip up some cheesy scrambled eggs, add mommas meat of choice on the side and violah, five-star restaurant quality breakfast served in under half an hour.  


Sesame Noodles 

Better than the lo-mein from your local Chinese takeout joint, momma will think you are fancy with this Asian recipe. Sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, canola oil and thin noodles create an amazing meal in less than thirty minutes.  Add shrimp, chicken, beef or broccoli to really impress. 



You can pan sear it, broil it, bake, it’s always amazing. Impress momma with a simple olive oil, lemon, garlic, parsley mixture, broil in oven for ten to twenty minutes and you'll still have time to catch Love & Hip Hop.  Add some white rice with a green veggie on the side and she’ll be telling all her church friends about her Mothers Day meal.

Mac & Cheese  

This recipe will have momma popping the button on her jeans because she can't stop getting refills. Cheesy with a hint of smoke flavor makes this a must if you got an hour or so to spend in the kitchen.  We promise you'll channel your inner Big Momma from Soul Food with this hearty dish.


This cornbread will melt in your mouth.  Perfectly browned, buttery soft, it's like a good pair of silk pajamas.  Perfect for dinner and breakfast, use this recipe and momma will ask you to make it every holiday whether you want to or not.